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This is the official site for WinMan (Code name). WinMan is a "window manager" for OS X that handles windows, apps and other things using Vim-like expressions. If you are used to and love Vim, then this is the ultimate tool to get rid of the mouse even outside of your text editor.


The app is not released yet, but I hope to get feedback from my demo videos:

Leave your feedback in the issue-tracker.

I will eventually release a beta, it may or may not be private, contact me on twitter if you would like to get early access and help out finding the bugs.

I haven't decided whether or not I will make this open source and rely on donations.


There are a lot of different things you can do in WinMan, and it is also easy to extend the functionality. These are some of the already implemented features:

The functions are notated as regexes, since there are multiple ways of running alot of the commands.

In Normal Mode:
Command Mode
Command mode is working as of now, but the api will probably change so I'm holding off on the details as of now. But in a nutshell, it's a command line to communicate directly with the api through javascript.

When the API is closer to done I will explain how to configure the app. Just like command mode though you will configure the app through javascript.


If you like the idea of WinMan, please consider donating a small amount of bitcoin and I will be forever grateful.

Donations will help me:

BTC: 15ZZBwC49AgKNoE9o5rpe8t3a9JiCLwqAe